Chinese women’s volleyball team 3-0 swept Turkey’s three-game winning streak

On the evening of August 4th, Beijing time, the final round of Group B of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Women’s Volleyball Qualification Competition ended in Beilun, Ningbo, China. Against the Turkish women’s volleyball team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team completely suppressed opponents, swept the opponents 25-18, 25-12, 25-18, and qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in a three-game winning streak.

In this campaign, the two strongest teams have the strongest lineup. The Chinese women’s volleyball team first appeared in the main attack Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, deputy attack Yuan Xinyi, Yan Ni, and responded to Gong Xiangyu, second pass Ding Xia and free man Wang Mengjie. Turkey launched the Palatine and Ercan partner, and Gunes and Ada joined forces, and Karakult, the second pass Ozbay and the free agent Akz also made their debut.

After the first game of 3, Yan Ni quickly attacked, Zhang Changning blocked Karakult’s lob, and Erkan attacked the world. China scored 3 points and 6-3. After Gong Xiangyu’s serve broke, Yuan Xinyu grabbed the probe and China’s 8-5 lead entered the first technical timeout. Zhu Ting counterattacked the slash hit to win a 4 point advantage, Karakult and Erkan were smashed the ball, Turkey was behind the second technical timeout 10-16. Gunessh was short and fast, Zhu Ting’s three offenses went out, Gong Xiangyu’s attack was intercepted by Erkan, Karakult countered the ball, and Turkey chased 14-16. Zhang Changning repeated the round, Ding Xia probe hit, China 18-14 lead. Zhu Ting made a big attack and shocked, Ding Xia’s second ball dunks succeeded, China opened the score to 22-16. Yan Ni quickly attacked the game, the other side smashed the ball out of bounds, China 25-18 easy to get to the next city.

In the second game, Turkey was converted by Irdrim and Baradin. Yan Ni attacked and arrested all the achievements, Karakult and Irdrim successive attack mistakes, China 6-2 took the lead. Gong Xiangyu and Yuan Xinyu fought back, and China’s 8-3 lead entered the first technical timeout. After the suspension, Ada quickly attacked the net and Zhu Ting stopped Karakult’s breakthrough. China opened the score to 10-3. After Turkey changed for three, the offense improved. Zhu Ting made a contribution and Zhang Changning hit a straight line. China extended its lead to 16-7 in the second technical suspension. After the suspension, Yan Ni, Gong Xiangyu and Zhang Changning blocked the net tightly, forcing the Paladin and Boz to be frustrated, and Turkey was 7-18 behind. The Chinese team with obvious advantages won the game with Zhu Ting’s block 24-12. Yilmaz served the net and China won 25-12.

In the third game, Turkey sent a team to fight, Karakult and Baradin partnered, Boz took over, and the offensive line Ackerman joined Gunes. Zhang Changning stopped Booz’s breakthrough 4-2 beyond, Turkey relied on Booz’s serve to tie 4 levels. After 6 Ping, Yan Ni was short and fast, and Zhu Ting blocked Ackerman’s fast break. China’s 8-6 lead entered the first technical timeout. After the Turkish team reached 8 levels, China took advantage of Yan Ni’s 10-8 lead. After Booz attacked the round, Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning stormed sharply and pulled the score to 13-9. Gong Xiangyu sent the probe to the opponent to approach 13-14. Gunes made a mistake and Zhang Changning grabbed a counterattack. China took a 16-13 lead in the second technical timeout. Zhang Changning blocked the net and Gong Xiangyu attacked the ball. China opened the score to 18-13. Turkey is frustrated by the impossibility of the situation, Ding Xia second ball dunks 22-15 preemptive. Ilmaz sent out of the game to send the match point, Zhu Ting served the ball to seal the victory, China won 25-18, 3-0 swept Turkey.

In this match, China’s captain Zhu Ting won 20 points and scored a score. The main attacker Zhang Changning scored 16 points. Two pairs of Yan Yan and Yuan Xinyi scored 6 points, and Gong Xiangyu scored 5 points. Turkey’s rookie side attack Karakulute scored 15 points, the main attack on Paladin contributed 8 points, the assistant attacker Ada only got 1 point.

After three rounds of fierce fighting, the competition for the B-group of the Tokyo Women’s Volleyball Qualifications was over. The Chinese women’s volleyball team won 3 points in a row and won the ticket for the Tokyo Olympics. Turkey won 2 points and 1 loss and 6 points in the second place. Germany won 1 point and 2 points and won 3 points. Unsuccessful bottom.

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