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skeem saam

During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, a certain department of the New Fourth Army left 18 wounded and sick in Changshu, led by instructor Guo Jianguang, in Shajiabang Town on the bank of Yangcheng Lake. Rehabilitate. They have lived in the battle with the local people and they have formed a fish and water situation.

After the Japanese prostitutes swept the Shajiabang area, the heads of the reactionary armed forces “Loyalty and the National Salvation Army” Hu Chuankui and Qi Deyi adhered to the will of the Japanese and tried every means to search for the wounded and sick of the New Fourth Army. Guo Jianguang was temporarily concealed in the reeds. Skeem Saam In the difficult environment of news isolation and lack of food, they insisted on standing, standing up like the pines in the storm.

  A Qingyu, secretary of the Party branch of Shajiabang Town, is in the name of a teahouse. In fact, it was the party’s underground liaison. When Hu Chuankui just pulled up the team, he was chased by the Japanese army. Fortunately, Aqing saved his life. Today, A Qingyi took advantage of the contradictions between Hu Chuankui and Judei, and fought fiercely with them, and broke through the obstacles with the help of the party’s leadership and the masses, finally enabling the safe transfer of 18 wounded and sick.

  After the New Fourth Army’s wounded and sick were safely out of danger, the impetuous Hu and Yu in the face of A Qing’s face tortured Sha’s grandmother and the revolutionary masses in an attempt to destroy Shajiabang’s party organization. A Qing and Sha’s grandmothers screened each other, and Sha’s grandmother denounced the enemy. A Qing took the opportunity to understand the enemy’s command.

  The main force of a certain department of the New Fourth Army returned to the east, and Guo Jianguang led the soldiers who returned to the army. Together with the actions of the large forces, they formed a surprise assault and straight into the Shajiabang, and captured the Japanese scorpion Kuroda and the traitor Hu Chuankui and Qi Deyi. Shajiabang returned to the hands of the people.

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