Iran announces arrest of 17 US spies Trump to send a response

On the 22nd local time, the director of the Iranian intelligence agency’s counter-intelligence bureau announced at a foreign media press conference that Iran had captured 17 jobs of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The spies, some of whom have been sentenced to death. US President Trump then tweeted that Iran’s alleged arrest of spies was completely illusory, just as it was previously announced that it would shoot down U.S. drones. US Secretary of State Pompeo also attributed this statement to Iran’s supreme leader, Khamenei, who lied.

According to a report by CNN on the 22nd, Iranian intelligence agencies read a statement entitled “The Destiny of the Spy” to foreign media, saying that the 17 spies were arrested in March this year. They are all Iranians. It is an employee of some sensitive and important private institutions in Iran. These institutions involved economics, nuclear research, infrastructure construction, military and network centers. These spies have appeared in Iran’s sensitive areas involving nuclear facilities and conducted reconnaissance activities. The Iranian counter-intelligence director said that by cooperating with other national intelligence agencies, Iran has smashed a major spy network established by the US CIA in Iran in this operation, but he did not specify what the cooperative countries have.

According to the report, the US CIA approached Iranian citizens by establishing a shell company in Iran, hiring Iranian experts and providing equipment from abroad, and tempting Iranians to work for US visas, US jobs, and money. The main task of these spies is to help the CIA collect confidential information from important research institutions in the name of work. Every spy has received a highly sophisticated special training from the US CIA abroad, and disguised his identity through the intelligence concealment device they provided to cover up their communication with the CIA.

Iranian intelligence agencies said that the accused were all guilty. “Those who deliberately treason and refused to make up for the loss have been handed over to the judiciary; those who have cooperated with the security services and have repented have been handed over to Iranian intelligence agencies.” Currently, the Iranian media has published photos of some of the arrested people, including their photos with their families and details of their work for the CIA. These photos are allegedly from Iranian intelligence agencies.

On the same day, Iranian state television also broadcast a documentary, which is said to be the entire process of recruiting Iranian spies by US CIA personnel in the UAE. The British “Independent” reported on the 22nd that a CIA spy was interviewed in a documentary that a US embassy in the United Arab Emirates volunteered to give him money to go to Tehran to set up a company to monitor The trade of this country. The documentary said that because many intelligence officials gathered in Dubai, “this is very dangerous for Iranian intelligence.” For the US espionage, the documentary described it as “an undeclared war.”

The US “New York Times” said on the 22nd that the head of the Iranian intelligence department did not disclose his name, which is extremely unusual in terms of procedures. The person in charge showed a CD at the press conference, which recorded the whereabouts of a female CIA spy. In addition, this CD includes the names of US embassies in Turkey, India, Zimbabwe and Austria, who allegedly had contact with Iranian spies.

Earlier, Iran occasionally announced the arrest of some spies working for countries such as the United States and Israel. The Associated Press said on the 22nd that in April this year, Iran announced that it had identified a network of spies composed of 290 CIA agents in Iran and other countries in the Middle East. In June, Iran executed a Ministry of Defense staff working for the CIA. In the same month, Iran announced that it had cracked a CIA spy network, but it is not clear whether it is the same as the spy network announced this time.

However, US Secretary of State Pompeo expressed doubts about Iran’s claims. Pompeo previously served as the director of the CIA.

Many media pointed out that Iran’s move will worsen US-Iranian relations. The “Middle East Online” website reported on the 22nd that the Iranian seizure of the CIA spy was seen as another strong response to the US unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and escalation of pressure on the Iranian limit, combined with the previous seizure of tankers between Iran and the United Kingdom.

The events in the Gulf region may be further exacerbated. Tensions have also allowed countries in the region to respond. The Omani Foreign Ministry source called on all countries to exercise restraint and said that the country will send a senior official to visit Iran this Saturday. The Wall Street Journal said that Iran is countering US sanctions, which increases the risk of direct military confrontation.

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