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Fight without breaking

In accordance with established practice, whether it is the US State Department or the Ministry of Finance, any foreign sanctions are usually elaborated on the basis of intensive intelligence gathering and legal research, which takes several months. For Trump’s announcement on Twitter that the US Treasury’s new sanctions against the DPRK were lifted, the New York Times commented that the president’s overthrow of the cabinet minister’s major decision on national security, which was made a few hours ago, was within the government. Significant performance of differences. Trump’s move has also become a “high-profile case” for the White House to intervene in the federal government.

However, since the resumption of high-level exchanges between the DPRK and the United States in 2018, especially after Kim Jong-un and Trump reached the first meeting of the historic DPRK-US leaders in Singapore, there has been an intriguing phenomenon in the process of the DPRK-US nuclear talk: one side is the quarrel between the DPRK and the United States. Constantly and repeatedly, the other side is the “tacit understanding” between the two top leaders. Trump has even had the attitude of “falling in love” with Kim Jong-un.

After the end of the Hanoi Golden Gate in a fruitless manner, although the DPRK and the United States pushed the responsibility of this meeting to the other side and criticized and criticized each other, it was quite clear in words. Restraint, for the top leaders of both sides, they are all more polite. When Kim Jong-un and President Trump said goodbye in Hanoi, the two also had a relaxed expression and a friendly attitude.

On March 15, North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Cui Shanji held a press conference in Pyongyang and published a strongest statement on the United States after the Singapore Gold Special Committee. In addition to threatening whether to continue negotiations with the US, whether to continue to suspend missile launches and In addition to the nuclear test, the “robber-like attitude” was also used to describe the United States. But for Trump, Cui Shanji not only did not criticize, but praised “the relationship between the leaders of the two countries is still very good and very tacit.”

To a certain extent, it is the “tacit understanding” between Kim Jong-un and Trump that guarantees the “do not break” of the talks with the US nuclear issue for more than a year. This is actually not difficult to understand. Considering the huge differences between the two countries and the political system, the two sides have reached some strategic consensus through more than one year of contact and game, but they want to do the specific negotiation rhythm control and actual interests. There is basically no real possibility to go to step by step.

From the historical experience point of view, there is no quarrel between the DPRK and the United States, and the retreat and retreat of the DPRK-US nuclear talks, or even further two steps back, are actually the norm. What is different from the past is precisely that since last year, the steps of engagement and dialogue between the DPRK and the United States have been too fast and too fast.

If Kim Jong-un and Trump are really going to go for the goal of a “big deal” as the outside world says, then when the negotiations enter the substantive “price” stage, the quarrels and games will become more intense, especially It is between the enemy of the DPRK and the United States for more than half a century.

According to this kind of thinking, the current situation of shouting and quarreling in the DPRK is not entirely a negative factor. The worst situation is that both the DPRK and the United States are not willing to talk and argue.

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