The Complete Formula Diets for you

Formula diets are substitute foods from the lab. They are offered as a bite, but much more often than powder or granules . These are stirred into water or other liquids and the meal is ready.

Formula diets

This diet of astronauts as a dietary food is subject to the laws of the dietary regulation. Section 14a specifies in detail how Formula Diets from the pharmacy must be composed.

Thus, these instant foods contain prescribed amounts of energy-supplying nutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as micronutrients vitamins, minerals, trace elements and even a defined concentration of dietary fiber.

Fully balanced diets, which cover the daily requirements of all components through their sole intake, are distinguished from the partially balanced diets. The latter must be supplemented in the longer term by additional meals.

Fully balanced formula diets are therefore suitable for fast and controlled weight loss. It has also proved useful to exchange individual meals , such as the evening meal, with an instant drink in order to prevent the consumption of unnecessarily many calories in advance.

How does the body react?

The metabolism is dependent on the supply of nutrients in a balanced ratio to each other so that it does not lead to derailment and discomfort.

So nerves and the brain depend on the supply of glucose. If only marginal energy is supplied or, as with many uncontrolled food restrictions, the nutrients are taken in a “wrong” relationship to each other, the metabolism is breaking new ground.

The muscle breakdown is then in the foreground. The mobilized protein is converted to glucose, thus ensuring the supply of nerve fibers and mental performance. But where is the power left?

The balanced composition of the formula diets with around 50 grams of protein per day prevents these unphysiological reactions from taking place.

Anyone who follows the instructions for use of the formula diets will thus quickly lose a few kilos in a healthy and easy way. The duration of this diet is limited to a few weeks, otherwise the medical advice should be obtained

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