Trump changed his face! September 1st! Add 10% tax on China’s 300 billion US dollars of goods

Summary: Just finished! Trump changed his face! September 1st! Add 10% tax on China’s 300 billion US dollars of goods!

[One Niu Finance]: At the end of last month (July 30-31), China and the United States just concluded the 12th round of consultations in Shanghai!

For this negotiation, both China and the United States issued relevant statements, saying that this is a constructive consultation!

When the US representative went back, the US president, Trump, “changed his face” and announced that the United States would impose a 10% tariff on China’s total value of $300 billion from September 1. However, at the same time, he Also expressed a positive attitude towards the results of trade negotiations with China

Change face! Trump announced new tariffs on Chinese products!
Trump wrote in the tweet: “Our representatives have just returned from China, where they have had constructive talks on future trade agreements. We thought we had an agreement with China three months ago, but unfortunately China decided to renegotiate before signing the agreement. Recently, China agreed to buy a large amount of agricultural products from the United States, but did not do so.”

In addition, he stressed that this does not include the 25% tariff previously imposed on China’s $250 billion worth of goods.

On Friday (2nd), according to an informed source quoted by Bloomberg, the US President, Trump, vetoed in advance the Beijing office before the announcement of the new tariff to China, vetoing Beijing’s intention to impose a new $300 billion Chinese commodity. Proposal for a 10% tariff.

During the meeting, Treasury Secretary Nuchin and US Trade Representative – Wright Heze reported to Trump about the negotiations with China this week in Shanghai.

People familiar with the matter said that although the White House said in a statement issued on Wednesday that the consultation was “constructive”, Trump concluded that the two men were actually empty-handed.

On Thursday (1st), Trump told reporters when he left the White House to participate in the campaign rally: “When my people came back, they said, ‘We are talking, we will have another meeting in early September,’ I said, ‘That, But at the same time, we will tax them until an agreement is reached.”

The report also said that the atmosphere at the Oval Office meeting on Thursday was very tense. People familiar with the matter said that US Finance Minister Mnuchin suggested that the United States inform Beijing before Trump announced new tariffs, but Trump refused.

Trump: And China will continue to negotiate!

As mentioned above, Trump announced a new tariff on Chinese products. However, he also expressed a positive attitude towards the results of trade negotiations with China.

Trump wrote in Twitter: “(Trade) negotiations are still going on! And we look forward to continuing to engage in active dialogue with China on the comprehensive trade agreement. We believe that the future between China and the United States will be very bright. !”

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng yesterday (1st), said at a regular press conference that the two sides have agreed to hold the next round of high-level consultations in the United States in September.

Moreover, the peak also stressed that during the period before September, the Sino-US economic and trade team will maintain close communication, and the working layers of the two sides will conduct intensive consultations in August to prepare for the September leader.

Finally, Gao Feng expressed the belief that as long as the two sides adhere to the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit and take care of each other’s legitimate concerns, they will surely find solutions to the problem and promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-US economic and trade relations.

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