Trump ordered the lifting of new sanctions against the DPRK

On February 28th, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (right) and US President Trump ended the one-on-one summit meeting and walked out of the conference room. Figure / Visual China

Xu Fangqing

The Trump-style “Twittering the Country” has a new case. This time, the object is “new sanctions against the DPRK.” In the early morning of March 22, Washington local time, US President Trump posted a message on social media Twitter that he ordered the withdrawal of some new sanctions against North Korea.

The original statement is as follows: “The US Treasury Department announced today that it will further implement large-scale sanctions on the basis of existing sanctions against North Korea. I ordered the withdrawal of these additional sanctions today.”

Trump himself did not give a reason, nor did he explain what the new sanctions against the DPRK were withdrawn. Only White House spokesman Sanders said in response to the media later, “Trump likes Chairman Kim Jong-un, who believes that these sanctions are not necessary.”

New “penalty”

The US Treasury Department announced a new round of sanctions against North Korea on March 21, local time, on the grounds that some foreign companies “help North Korea avoid international and US sanctions.” After Trump met with the top North Korean leader in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, this was the first “sanctions ticket” issued by the US government.

On the same day, according to the “superior instructions”, the DPRK recalled all North Korean liaison offices in the demilitarized zone of Kaesong.

One day later, the Russian tankers “Tantalos” and “Warriors” were listed in the latest US sanctions against the DPRK. The Russian-based Alissa Co., Ltd., based in Vladivostok, strongly denied it. The company’s vessels, including the Warriors, have not been abroad for a long time. “We have never cooperated with North Korean ships in history. The ‘Warrior’ has never entered North Korea.”

On March 22, at a regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, a reporter asked: According to reports, the US Treasury Department announced that it will impose sanctions on two Chinese companies that assist North Korea in evading sanctions. What is China’s comment?

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Yan Shuang pointed out that China has consistently and conscientiously implemented the resolutions concerning the DPRK adopted by the UN Security Council. For Chinese enterprises and individuals, if they violate the UN Security Council resolutions, once they have verified, China will investigate and deal with them according to their own domestic laws.

Yu Shuang also said that we firmly oppose any country’s unilateral sanctions and “long arm jurisdiction” on Chinese entities in accordance with its own domestic laws. The Chinese side has made solemn representations to the US on this matter. We urge the US to immediately stop the wrong practices so as not to affect the cooperation between the two sides on relevant issues.

A day ago, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce announced at a press conference that China and the United States agreed that US Trade Representative Wright Heze and US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin will be invited to visit China from March 28th to 29th. Eight rounds of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations, Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, and Chinese leader of the China-US Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, will be invited to the United States in early April to hold the ninth round of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations in Washington.

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