Trump’s withdrawal of the nuclear agreement is to anger Obama?

Even with the resignation of Kim Darroch, the ambassador to the United States, and the anger of Trump, the British media’s curiosity about the leaked “secret electricity” content of the former is still unstoppable.

Recently, a new “sudden material” broke out from Kim Darker’s leaked documents: In a memo, the ambassador’s attack on Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement was “to engage in diplomatic destruction”. It is said that Trump’s purpose is to be the former President of the Spite.
According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on July 14, the memorandum was written in early May 2018, when the United States is about to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement. At that time, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson personally went to Washington to persuade Trump not to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, but it did not yield results.

The BBC said that after Boris Johnson returned without success, Kim Darok wrote in a memo: Trump seems to have decided to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement for “personality reasons”. Because the signer of this agreement is the former US President Barack Obama.
The ambassador also pointed out in the memorandum that there were obvious differences between the US presidential advisers in withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal, and the White House did not come up with a clear strategy to point the way for the United States after the withdrawal of the agreement.

Kim Darok wrote to Boris Johnson: “The White House public opinion has been revealed in this matter: he (Trump) took the chance to become president, and then took a sudden action. Diplomatic destruction, and the reasons are entirely out of ideology and personal reasons – just because this is signed by Obama. ”

“What’s more, they can’t even get a clear follow-up strategy… From the point of view of the (US) State Department this morning, they didn’t offer any plans for allies in Europe or any region.”

The latest leaked news seems to confirm the original memo that was leaked earlier. In that memo, Kim Darok used the words “incompetent”, “unreliable” and “incompetent” to describe Trump and compare the fierce conflict within the White House to “fighting.”

The leaked incident triggered a fierce reaction from Trump. On Twitter, he compared Darok to a “arrogant idiot”, “a funny ambassador who was forced to come over”, and said that British Prime Minister Theresa May refused to heed his “recommendations” at Brexit. The “stupid way” on the issue is a “disaster.”

Subsequently, Kim Darok took the initiative to resign as the ambassador to the United States on July 10.
The full name of the Iranian nuclear agreement is the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, which was signed in 2015. The signatory includes the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the European Union and Iran.

According to the contents of the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran agreed to restrict its uranium enrichment activities and heavy water reactor construction in exchange for sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and the UN Security Council.

However, in May 2018, US President Trump announced the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear agreement and restarted sanctions against Iran on the grounds that the agreement was “unilateral, weak, and unable to bring peace”, and the situation in and around Iran also followed. Quickly become nervous.

After the EU failed to “save the Iranian nuclear agreement” and once reached the edge of the war with the United States, on July 8, 2019, Iran announced that it would raise the abundance of enriched uranium beyond the level specified in the Iranian nuclear agreement and threatened to call it It will further increase the abundance afterwards.

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