When is the mess in Hong Kong?

On the 30th, international rating agency Fitch issued a warning that the recent demonstrations in Hong Kong pose a risk to Hong Kong’s economic growth expectations. Fitch said that Hong Kong’s demonstrations highlight economic and governance risks, social unrest and a dissatisfaction with the SAR government, which may hit business confidence and undermine governance.

Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao said on the 30th that Hong Kong has gradually turned into a “revolution” since the June 9th parade. Many demonstrators shouted the slogan “Recovering Hong Kong, the revolution of the times.” Their goal has been changed to the SAR Government. The ultimate goal is to influence the central government’s right to govern Hong Kong. The report is worried that under this circumstance, the parade, the impact and the conflict between the police and the people, which are repeated in different parts of Hong Kong every week, will not stop in a short time. The chaos that has lasted for 50 days, when can I see the dawn of the end?

On the 30th, the Hong Kong police said that 49 people were arrested in the illegal assembly activities in the Western District of Hong Kong last weekend. The police will sue 44 of them for rioting. One of them was charged with one crime of assaulting a police officer. The man was charged with possession of offensive weapons. The 45 people will be tried in the Eastern District Court on the 31st. The police stressed that the case is still under active investigation and does not rule out that more people will be arrested later.

A spokesman for the MTR Corporation told the Global Times reporter: “We are committed to maintaining the safety, smoothness and comfort of the train operation. We understand that some people want to express their opinions. For their actions, the train service is blocked and other passengers are affected. felt regret.”

Hong Kong online media “Strong Net” said that this “non-cooperative movement” that hinders traffic makes the late-time commuters late, loses full-time bonuses, and is inconvenient for some passengers who go to see a doctor or have urgent needs, which will affect millions. Innocent citizens. The so-called “non-cooperative movement” of the opposition is a chronic poison of society. It actually undermines the rule of law, tears up the society, and even turns Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability into history, causing Hong Kong to fall into the abyss of eternal annihilation.

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