Who are the Americans hiding in the protesters in Hong Kong?

When a group of thugs clashed with the police on the 28th in Sheung Wan, a gray coat “foreign commander” once went to the center of the road to observe the situation, the trace is very suspicious.

“Mr. Pompeo said that there are frequent protests in the United States. I don’t know if he wants to move the protests of the extremely violent people who are now in Hong Kong with iron bars and deadly weapons to the police. Let the United States happen. To show the world its democracy?” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying reprimanded US Secretary of State Pompeo on the 30th the previous day’s statement that Hong Kong’s “protest is reasonable”. She sarcastically said that Mr. Pompeo apparently did not position himself. I am afraid he still regarded himself as the head of the CIA. The recent violent incident in Hong Kong “is still a ‘work’ of the US after all.” In the recent series of riots in Hong Kong, more and more Americans have appeared. Hua Chunying asked, what kind of role did the United States play in a series of recent events in Hong Kong? I think on this issue, the United States owes the world an account! “We advise the US to stop as soon as possible and stop playing the dangerous game of taking the fire.”

What role does the United States play?

Since June 9, the Hong Kong opposition has launched a weekend parade, and all have ended in violence. From the very beginning, people discovered that behind this turmoil and even riots, there are black hands of Western powers such as the United States. US Secretary of State Pompeo once again hailed the Hong Kong issue at the Washington Economic Club on the 29th.

He said: “We have always made it clear that the protest is reasonable. We also saw protests in the United States. I dare say that there were protesters when my car entered the State Department building today. I hope that China will do the right thing and respect it. Agreement involving Hong Kong.”

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on the 30th that according to public reports, at the end of February and early March of this year, the then US Consul General in Hong Kong and Macao publicly accused the Hong Kong SAR government of amendments and “one country, two systems” and publicly intervened in Hong Kong affairs.

In March, US Vice President Burns met with Hong Kong opposition personnel who were lobbying in the United States. In May, Pompeo met with opposition figures in Hong Kong and publicly discussed the amendments to the Hong Kong SAR.

In June, the US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi publicly stated that the demonstrations in Hong Kong were “a beautiful landscape.” Some US lawmakers have revived the so-called “Hong Kong Bill of Rights on Human Rights and Democracy.” In July, Peng Si, Pompeo and Bolton met with Hong Kong opposition figures respectively. Recently, from the continuous exposure of the media, there have been many American faces in the violent parade in Hong Kong, and even the American flag appeared at one time.

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